1. General Conditions objects

These General Conditions define the frame of use of the Búhoguide Site, its services and the content created by the Member. The General Conditions constitute an agreement of obligatory character between Búhoguide, the Guides and the Visitors.

- The Members commit to comply with the dispositions stated in the General Conditions available in the “Become a Member” form. They agree to have read these General Conditions and fully commit to them from the moment they clicked the “I agree to the General Conditions” button when creating a Member Account. Any partial agreement to the General Conditions is considered null and void.

- The Guides commit to comply to the stated dispositions in the General Conditions available in the form “Become a Guide” in the platform Búhoguide. They explicitly agree to have read these General Conditions and fully commit to them form the moment they clicked the “I agree the General Conditions” button found in the “Become a Guide” form. Any partial agreement to these General Conditions is considered null and void.

The Members who do not agree with these General Conditions cannot use the Búhoguide platform.

2. Key concepts

"Búhoguide" refers to the society who edits the www.buhoguide.com website, that puts in contact visitors and guides.

"Búhoguide Platform" refers to the Búhoguide website.

“Member” refers to a physical person who has created an account in the www.buhoguide.com website to use or offer a local guide service.

"Traveler" or "Visitor" refers to a member who files in a reservation for a service offered by a local guide and through the www.buhoguide.com website that functions as an intermediary.

"Guide" refers to a member who has created an Advertisement (Visit or Activity) through the www.buhoguide.com website with the objective of offering a local guide service. This service can be a visit, an urban tour, a sports activity, etc. The nature of the service is established by the Guide when he or she creates his or her activity on the www.buhoguide.com platform (duration, locations to visit, the meeting place…) Búhoguide does not intervene at any point in the organization of these activities. It is the Traveler’s responsibility to accept or reject an activity that does not suit him or her. It is the Guide’s responsibility to comply to his or her commitments once the Reservation is filed.

"Services" or "Activities" refer to the local guide services created by the Guide for the Travelers who make reservations on the www.buhoguide.com website.

"Reservation" refers to a not ambiguous and not contractual commitment between the Traveler(s) and the Guide(s) with the objective of partaking in a visit or activity proposed by a Guide.

3. How to use the services offered by Búhoguide

When using the Búhoguide platform, you commit to not breaking any current law through your utilization of the Website.

As a Guide, you have the possibility to publish your personal information and information about the visits and other activities. This information will allow the Visitors to get to know you better.

As a Visitor, the www.buhoguide.com Website offers you the possibility of giving your opinion or evaluating one or more Services in which you have participated, directly in the Advertisements published by the Guides and after paying for the services. You are entirely responsible for this content and guarantee Búhoguide against any action that could be directed to it. The Member commits to be owner of the rights of publication and use of the total content posted on the Website.

4. Conditions to become Member and/or Guide

4.1 Member

To become a Member and use the services offered by Búhoguide, it is obligatory to create an account by giving an e-mail address, a name and a surname.

The Member commits to provide Búhoguide information that is complete, exact and sincere. If the Member uploads a profile picture, does he commit to upload exclusively a representing picture of him or herself? Búhoguide cannot be held responsible for fake or obsolete information when it comes to the Members’ profiles.

4.2 Guide

The Búhoguide Website has made available a “Become a Guide” form. From the moment the inscription is made, the Guide receives an e-mail that notifies him or her about the creation of their Guide Account.

From then on, the Guide can identify his or herself and have access to the administration/management interface and will be able to create guided visits and set a price.

In a second stage, the Guide is invited to scan and send in the following documents: ID card or any valid piece of identification, a declaration certifying that no criminal convictions are held against him or her, documents giving evidence of professionalization for the professional guides.

Búhoguide is not responsible for false information given by the Guides, who are entirely responsible for the information they communicate.

The Guide is responsible and agrees to have sent valid and corresponding documents.

5. Reservation conditions

5.1 Visit reservations

The reservation for a visit or an activity is exclusively for Members. Búhoguide offers its Members a service to put individuals in contact.

Each Reservation entitles the Guides to a compensation. This compensation is set by the Guide and it is posted in the Advertisement that describes the offered visit.

A Guide may propose one or more visits on the www.buhoguide.com platform, there he or she must be precise about the details of each visit.

5.2 Members obligations concerning Reservations

To inform Búhoguide and/or every participating member (Guide and Visitors) of any changes concerning date and time of an event.

To display a respectful behavior in all respects.

To respect the charter of good behavior described in chapter 11 of this document.

5.3 Guide’s obligations concerning Reservations

These are the main obligations for the Guides:

- To respond to any request for a Reservation within 48 hours (pre-reservation), and to offer one or more slots to carry out the requested task to the Members who make one.

- To inform Búhoguide and/or every Member who has made a Reservation of one of their services about any change in the itinerary.

- To arrive on time and at the agreed location to meet.

- To inform the End-Users without delay about any modification of the reserved experience.

Otherwise, in case of cancellation, Búhoguide reserves the right to keep its cancellation information in its profile database and/or to publish this information in the Guide’s profile. And, if necessary, to temporarily or permanently restrict or to suspend the access to the Búhoguide Platform.

5.4 Cancellation of a Reservation

Every cancellation made by the Guide will result in a refund to the Visitor of the amount paid for the Reservation, without any cancellation fee.

From the moment the definitive confirmation e-mail is received up to 72hrs before the time the Service beings, the cancellation of the Service, done by the Visitor, will result in a refund to the Visitor of the amount payed for the Service, with a cancellation fee if there is any.

For a cancellation made by the Visitor 72hrs before the Service begins, he or she will not receive any refund by Búhoguide.

6. Communication between Members

The Búhoguide platform makes available for its Members the tools for exchange and communication. Because of storage constrains, the internal messaging will not save messages dating more than 4 months. Búhoguide will not be held responsible for non-saved messages.

In addition, the Búhoguide website reserves the right to filter these exchanges to be respectful of these General Conditions. Búhoguide reserves the right to delete the Member’s contact details that have been exchanged outside the normal process of reservation or not following the rules.

An e-mail will be sent to participant Members 72 hours before an activity starts, in this e-mail Members will find the Guide and Visitors’ contact details with the objective of facilitating the organization of the activity.

7. Payment

When the reservation for a service is done, the Visitor pays a part of the activity that corresponds to 20% of the total price in advance. This advance of the payment allows the Visitors and the Guides to establish a “Definitive Reservation” through the Búhoguide’s reservation process, as well as to use the tools put to disposition by Búhoguide to communicate and/or organize the activity.

The remaining amount will be payed to the Guide the day of the activity and in the meeting place, in the currency specified by the Guide in the service’s details (dollars or local currency).

This remaining amount the Visitor must pay to the Guide will be detailed in the confirmation e-mail for the reservation, in dollars and in the local currency at the defined conversion rates defined on the day of the confirmation.

In case of modification of the currency preference stated by the Guide for their activity, these are the currency preferences stated in the confirmation e-mail for the reservation that will be definitive, in the cases where the reservation is before the modification.

7.1 Payment procedure during a reservation:

1. The visitor makes a reservation request, their payment (20% of the price for the service) is filed and put on hold.

2. The Guide confirms the reservation (in less than 48hrs), the payment is unblocked by Búhoguide.

In case where there is no confirmation from the Guide, the payment will be cancelled without any fee for the Visitor.

3. The remaining amount will be payed to the Guide the day of the activity in the meeting place previously established.

8. Termination

Búhoguide reserves the right to deactivate by rights, without a notice, any Member Account in the following cases:

- the Guides or Visitors disrespecting these General Conditions.

- complaint from one or more Members.

- if a Member partakes in a behavior that opposes the interest of Búhoguide.

9. Responsability

Búhoguide’s responsibility is limited to facilitating access to the Búhoguide Platform.

Búhoguide cannot and does not control the content, the quality of it and the legality of the Services. Búhoguide is excluded of all responsibility concerning these aspects.

This means that:

-The Guides will perform the activities at their own risk.

-The Visitors will request to partake in the Services and participate in them at their own risk.

Visitors, Guides (all Members) act under their own responsibility. Búhoguide is an intermediation service that does not control in any way the quality, veracity and risks involved in the proposed experiences. In his capacity, the effective development of the activities will not lead to any attributable responsibility for the Búhoguide private company, based on any grounds, since the offered service is an intermediation service.

The responsibility of the private company Búhoguide cannot be particularly held responsible for any damage arisen for reasons such as:

- the Guide communicating fake or mistaken information concerning the activity and its modalities;

- the Guide or the Visitor cancelling an activity;

- fraudulent behavior or misconduct by a Guide or Visitor before, during or after a Service;

- the non-compliance with the use precautions (particularly the use of materials or vehicles);

- the non-compliance with the local laws;

Búhoguide recalls that the content of the Site may contain technical inaccuracies, typographical mistakes or omissions, and that this content may be edited or updated with no previous notice.

Búhoguide keeps the Website up to date, but may not, nevertheless, guarantee at any point the completeness and accuracy of the information that is shared on it.

In any of these cases, there is no guarantee that the Guide will be paid by the private company Búhoguide. The latter tries to assure the availability of the website and of the service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Nevertheless, it may happen that the access to the website is interrupted while it is under maintenance, urgent repairs of the website or because of circumstances independent from the private company Búhoguide’s will (for example: connection or telecommunication equipment failure). Búhoguide commits to take all the reasonable precautions to limit these disturbances, as far as it is not held responsible for them. Members agree to Búhoguide not assuming any responsibility for the unavailability, interruption or suspension of the website or its services and cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages of any nature resulting from this fact.

The Guides are the only Members responsible for setting the prices in their activity announcements

The Guides commit to provide all necessary security equipment for their activities, to assure the Visitors will understand and utilize them well, and to maintain their proper functioning.

Búhoguide commits, nevertheless, to do its utmost to assure a certain quality of the activities on the Platform.

10. Personal information security

Búhoguide commits to taking any useful precaution concerning the nature of the information and the risks represented by the processing to protect the security of the personal information that compels you and, particularly, to keep your personal data from being damaged, manipulated or being accessed by unauthorized third parties.

11. Búhoguide service fees

To cover the service and assistance fees that we present, we will invoice a service fee of 20% to the Guides who offer activities on the Búhoguide platform. The amount for service fees is calculated based on the price set by the Guide for their activity.

12. Charter of good behavior

1. Proposed activities

Búhoguide is an online platform based on the collaborative model. The guide commits to communicate sincere skills, for example the spoken languages or the possessed knowledge. The information concerning the itinerary, the development of an activity, the comfort, the schedules, the conditions to participate is given in advance to the travelers. The Guide commits to respect the description of his or her activity.

2.Fees and prices

The Guides and Visitors commit to respect the General conditions of the Búhoguide service agreed upon during the reservation process. The travelers commit to pay the remaining amount detailed during the reservation confirmation to the Guide, the day and time and in the agreed place to meet.

3. Punctuality

All Members must respect the preestablished schedules of the activities. The Guide and the Visitor must arrive at the time and place preestablished for the meet up.

4. Respect for the law

Visitors and Guides commit to respect the current law in the place of the activities with no exception.

5. Respect for the environment

Each Member commits to respecting the environment, specially not to leave garbage where the activities take place, not to deteriorate, and to optimize their means of transport, etc.

6. Respect and user-friendlines

The activities proposed by Búhoguide are a good way for people of different cultures to get acquainted. Each Member is urged to respect the people and commits to respect the different costumes and habits.