Flavors of Costa Rica!

Knowing a country also requires its culinary specialties... and in this case we don’t speak of gluttony (no no) but curiosity (oh yeah), or even of good manners! So, without complex, discover exotic fruits, vegetables and local specialties and take a look at what Búhoguiders have concocted for you.

Some must-haves!/h2>

 To eat...

 Gallo pinto:  made with rice and red beans, accompanied by cheese, egg, or natilla (sort of sour cream), it's the typical dish for a local breakfast!

 Casado:  you will find it everywhere and in all shapes! However the base is always the same: rice, beans, picadillos, green salad and plantain banana accompanied by the meat of your choice!

 Ceviche:  pieces of fish or seafood cooked in lemon juice, with onions, tomatoes, peppers and coriander. Often accompanied by biscuits or patacones (crushed then fried plantain bananas!).

 Chifrijo:  pieces of grilled pork (called Chicharones) on a bed of red beans and salad.

 Salsa sizano:  you'll find it on all the tables of sodas (small local restaurants) and restaurants!

... and to drink!! 

 Limonada Hierba buena:  water, sugar, lemon juice and mint, all in granita, you won’t find more refreshing! It also exists in basil version... it's exquisite!

 Beer:  Pilsen and Imperial are the two most popular local beers you'll find everywhere and at low prices. Perfect for cooling off after a day of sun! To change you can also order a Bavaria or one of the many craft beers of the new small breweries of San José.

 "Jugo natural" or "batido":  fresh fruit juice, which comes in all the local flavors (maracuja, soursop, pineapple, Kas, watermelon...).

 Coffee:  Costa Rica is known worldwide for the quality of its coffee. Even if more and more bars or restaurants will be able to offer it in espresso, it isn’t the local way to consume it. Here it’s drunk long and rather diluted!

 Guaro:  a very popular national drink, derived from cane sugar. It’s a kind of sweet rum (titrated at about 30°) often used in the composition of cocktails.