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Travelling becomes more than the sum of its parts, or should that be the itinerary, when beautiful encounters happen along the way. Buhoguide is a collaborative platform that connects those travelling in Central America with locals: guides who genuinely want to share the beauty of their country with you and want you to experience activities in the most authentic way possible. How does it work? It’s very simple, find an activity that interests you and book directly via the platform!

Meet the Búhoguiders

Our guides live in Central America and want to share the beauty of their country with those who are seeking more authentic encounters. They offer travellers experiences that go beyond the ‘run of the mill’ tour or activity package. If you identify with any of our guides then join the team! We are always looking for people who can propose a tour or activity that has that ‘added value’ quality. The quality that only comes with local knowledge.

Julio Cesar
Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Costa Rica

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